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hewo, i wanna write manga but i donno how to write the story especially how character should talk in a manga
maybe i think of the ending too fast

how should i keep the book readable at least


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Start reading storitelling books like Story: Substance, Structure, Style and Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee. Then you can decide which genre will the manga be. The demography will be important too. What kind of people do you want as readers? And if you're making it in japanese remember not to put too many kanjis if you're making a shonen or kodomo. The style of manga depends mostly on that. Read a lot of mangas from your desired genre and demography and mimick mangakas until you become one, that's how they do it with doujins and such. Good luck!


owo i have genre defined and i read alot books daily but i still cant find any substance to generate except copying text

genre and demographic is defined but the content is the hardest part like how or what A should say while B speaks

word by word

i simply dont quite... "feel it".


Yeah I know what you mea,. It's tricky to make dialogues feel natural. Though mangas have stablished formulas so just try to emulate them and don't worry about copying others too much since you're still learning it's ok to mimick other people's work.


>>809 is it ok to mimic? i dun wanna get in trouble. also it s not very easy to mimic/or copy, as i may write something of similar genre but i am completely loss or unsure of what text to write except sfx like "gogogoo" or" donnndokodonn"

would u like to collab maybe i can learn something

not sure what s mangak "established" formla i defo know they write with soul but i dont think there s "sentence generator" or something


Just look into the doujin scene, the manga industry is based on people making their own version of preexisting things. Also by stablished formula I mean stuff like yonkoma or character archetypes like yandere, tsundere, etc. It's easy to write characters and dialogues when you can just follow a formula.


>>811 ok maybe i just wanna write originals right away like jump s and existing publishings... i have the idea of characters, not by archetypes but their own unique history and properties, and i even have the scenes planned for them and how they will interact the drama and stuff.... mostly actions, but somehow i cant decides word by word how they communicate or how they even talk for daily things, like not dynamically.
dialect is one thing but i dont know how to..."come up with sentences"
even though jt is just noun,pronoun, verb and so on but i couldnt, quite, think of a good reason why texts and words are placed in such a way...

funny how i talk everyday but i somehow freeze up upon this matter. i hope to solve this so i can always dynamically write teexts at least the minimum correct way.


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basically simpler than archetypes and fan materials and just place the text nicely and make sure it "make sense"

like here, writing line 1 to 9 and making sure each lines are correct, in a sense. i know it should be as easy as talkkng but im kinda lost tryinf to "have fun with it"

can u help me play with it


It's actually good to know the beginning and the ending of your story, the next step is filling in that blank area between the beginning and ending in a way that makes sense depending on what genre your going for


i know the genre but finding the exsct contents for the blanks is the problem

i cant just cut and paste

also i dont know how to pace it.

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