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Let's discuss cowboy bebop, /a/. What's your opinion of the show? Any favorite characters/favorite scenes? Any questions or things you are confused about?


I think it's a great series. The aesthetic and mood of it is great. I love how it feels like a dream at times (or different memories) with a very loose story connecting the whole thing. I've watched it twice and I'm still not entirely sure of the plot.

This is a neat little song that uses audio and video from the series. It could spoil a bit for you if you haven't seen the show.


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So far, I am enjoying Cowboy Bebop this is my first time watching the show. I found it funny that they trapped the gypsie. I was confused about the ending of episode 4. What exactly happened?


>ending of episode 4
What part? can you elaborate a bit?


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Episode 11 of Cowboy was creepy. Faye won Jet clothes in a bet which was weird to see. Faye lacks shame. In addition to the strange start to the episode, it turns out there is a creature lurking around. The creature bit Jet first for losing the bet. Next, Faye was bitten for the crime of fan service. Then the dog was bitten. With these characters out of commission Spike, was all alone. This was spooky to watch. Ed was there and not there at the same. I am glad Ed was only there to move the plot along because I find Ed annoying. Spike for the rest of the episode, tried to get to the bottom of what was happening. The flamethrower part was funny pic-related. In the end, the issue turned out to be that Spike left something in the fridge for too long which, was silly. Episode 12 starts with a mysterious man. His character wouldn't appear until the end of the episode. Faye disappeared steal the ship's item. Jet and Spike fought among themselves. Faye and Spike for, the rest of the episode, was highlighted. The ending with Faye was bizarre and, Spike's ending was a clip hanger. What did you think about today's episode?


>ep 11
Fridge monster was a lame story idea but at least it was artfully done. Seems like they referenced 2001 a space odyssey and alien. spike walking with a flame thrower, and using the radar = straight out of alien. the area on bebop woth the circular room, and the music near the end of the episode = 2001 a space odessey. Think i heard a "game over man" from one of the characters although i admit it's been a while since i've seen that episode.


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What does 22chan think of the liveaction cast's looks? Personally I am not a fan because Jet's arm looks cheap and Faye is dressed up like a fat or bossy girl would. Spike looks fine.


Oh no


Not as bad as I thought. Still, I really fucking hope it won't be woke bullshit. Cowboy Bebop deserves better than that.
I like John Cho as Spike, he's a good actor and I think he'll do the role justice. I've only seen the black guy, Mustafa Shakir, in one film before but he gave a very good performance. I think he is a good choice for Jet. His arm does look fucking whack, however. I'm nervous about Faye. The actress doesn't really fit the anime Faye. It's like the producers cast her based on "we can't make her too hot because body positivity and diversity and hurr de fucking durr". She seems like a typical "badass outrageous sarcastic girl" type. Apparently the actress has also been beefing with Bebop fans on social media, so whoop de fucking doo...


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It just hit me that there are no pictures of Edward on there.
Oh god, they'll tumblr the fuck out of her, won't they'?


spike did kinda sound black in the english dub so perhaps it'll work out (unless they start injecting woke stuff into the character because of the actors race)


oh no
not her
I can imagine since it's netflix, they'll make her transnigger-gender retarded


i like live action ein


Yeah, definitely. That's probably why there are no pics of her. They're showing off the three of them first, judging the reaction they get. Then they'll drop gaytard Ed cause they'll know it could generate quite a backlash.
By the way, when I said "on there" I was referring to this link lol. Kinda lost track in my own thoughts. You can see more pics of the cast here.


Vicious is a terrible villan, He doesn't even have a backstory or anything really that gives him weight or elaborates why he's an edgelord sephiroth ripoff besides spike fucking his wife
Its small things like that, it would have made the show more grounded, less directionless.


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>He doesn't even have a backstory
Anon did you even watch the anime? The lore is spotty but it's there.


I really liked each episode, which felt like a film in its own right. However I too struggled with "getting" the ending. I suppose the problem for me is that the setup/backstory is hinted at and developed subtly rather than shown explicitly. In the end I just didn't have emotional investment in some of the characters and almost felt confused at the end. But I think that's because I'm stupid


You're not stupid just because you didn't understand the series, anon. Don't undermine yourself like that.


Thanks, but don't worry. I'm stupid in some things, and smart in others, like most people. Sadly in watching films/series I'm pretty stupid

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