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Keep the room well lit while posting on this thread. Keep your distance from the computer.


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So far i'm enjoying it, It's refreshing to see that every character has their own story ark, and that ryu doesn't win every race. same music repeating then and there per episode is annoying but i just turn my brain off and ignore it.
Episode 21, pic related. The look on her face after seeing ryu and jack lol


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what made everything better is that they never even got to race, so they got all "dressed up" for nothing but lulz
Literally the story of the episode was "women, amirite" they nuked the fucking race track


I'm enjoying it, the lazy art means it's one of those saturday morning cartoons and honestly i enjoy that, reminds me of my childhood and i would've enjoyed watching this.
So zoda basically is starscream?
Beastman looks similar to falcon, even his ship looks similar to falcons. Either this is just some lazy re-color thing, or there's something interesting going on, also i hate leon, i was hoping beastman would kill him for revenge but i guess just leaving is fine. Roy being revived was unexpected and the cyborg thing is interesting.


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Lol, subs.


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i beilve in just ice too


Falcon/bart being jody's dead brother was an interesting plot twist i honestly wasn't expecting


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Zoda is back and is a terrorist. It is quite a return to form.


The shadow relm thing was well done, i'm curious about those reactor might things, who made them? why are they related to ryu, black shadow, and falcon's f-zeroes?


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I feel like james mccloud is some type of reffrence to star fox. I wouldnt be supprised since f-zero is a nintendo game and those type of in-jokes are a regular thing


Nice to see that he got his memory back but honestly that's a fucked situation. Apparantly he also figured out falcon's identity, but will he eventually remember?


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I figured there was something up with jack and jody, like maybe jack wanted to go on a date or something but i wasn't expecting him to be a vigilante
Death reaper
Pretty cool, his personality changed too, voice was stern, if not dark. It seems like the ladies man persona was a front for his dark past. It't not actually death reaper, that was a name given by the dub. It's actually shinigami. Shinigami is a spirit of death from Japanese folklore that ensures folks die when they're meant to, still badass though.


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lol the fucki g death reaper wanted to be a pop singer before he got hired by the moble task force, who would have guessed


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Zoda loves his ice cream


how the hell did black shadow survive after zoda became that dragon thing and covered him in lava?


Black Shadow is a force of nature that can only be defeated by the main character.


retard set his password to "REACTORMIGHT"


Great saturday morning cartoon-teir show, i honestly enjoyed. What made the ending even better is that they included the "falcone puanch" in a fucken epic way, and later to the end they also included falcons other phrase "show me your moves"
So glad i watched the fan dub, sucks that they didnt include the part where zoda comes back.


Another thing i enjoyed is how stuff got circulated every episode, ryu spinming out because he's a shit driver turned into his "BOOOST FIYAAAAAAA" move, and super arrow even thougt ryu spinming out was some type of technique. Super arrow also came up with the "sandwich burst" and all the other characters calls it that by name and even use it from time to time.


The Saturday cartoon aspect of the show was something I loved about the show. It was very entertaining and, I loved the cast. I already miss watching the show and would buy this if they ever made a DVD of this. F Zero is also a show that you could show non-anime fans which, is a testament to its quality in my opinion. The lack of fan service was also great.


>The lack of fan service was also great.
It's definitely a fun show but why is that great?


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Super Arrow was my favourite character in the game and I'm glad they made him so entertaining in the anime.


(not him, this is my opinion) It would mean they focused more on storytelling or character development then unnecessary sexual arousal or cheap jokes just to attract more people. although it depends on context of fanservice, canon wise fans of F-Zero didn't like this anime because of how far it strayed from the plot of the videogames and how falcon wasn't a full time bounty hunter. They also didn't like the potrayal of black shadows other "shadows" and they didn't like octoman or zoda
Zoda in game lore is a junkie and this version is a sugar addicted gangster. Maybe this show would have lasted longer if they pandered to the fans of the original game? I enjoyed the anime and i haven't played the games before so i don't know.


Did you notice any diffrences between the game lore and anime?


Yeah, like the other guy mentioned, mostly character portrayals. Big one that comes to mind for me is Black Shadow is very intimidating and cool in the anime whereas he's a punkish cowardly second-in-command in GX. In general it's explicitly a different setting, since a couple of the GBA games follow the anime's scenario while one other one follows from the original F-Zero -> X - GX one.


> they didn't like octoman or zoda
On that note one of my favourite episodes is Octoman's highlight episode. There's a gag where they parody Legend of the Galactic Heroes and show that his ship is held up by a little string like in old tokusatsu films. It's so funny.


all of the octo-people's ship have the same affect and i love it

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