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science can't explain it


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This explains cats perfectly


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oh no


Osaka isn't stupid; she's sharp as a wick. Its just all her energy is misguided.
I've enjoyed Azumanga so far, it's just as comfy/funny as yotsuba, and its almost a word for word/shot for shot accurite as the manga.



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[spoiler]should have been hit harder with that magazine[/spoiler]


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Raspberrry heaven is an underrated song
[spoiler]this implies the existance of hell, which flavor though?[/spoiler]


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Osaka had no choice, Chiyo-chan's father is an eldritch abomination and they both had to be purged for the better of humanity


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Peppermint Hell sounds about right, or maybe Black Licorice Hell.


I sympathize with Sakaki because i really want to pet a fucking cat and yet theres none anywhere, and once i see one they run away


osaka drifted into the sea and no one tried to help her lol


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My neighborhood has a ton but they're all flighty and mock my cats through the windows.


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fat tabby used to perch on my windowstil and keep me up at night


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During this scene the internet collectively shat itself and things where never the same


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Oh god now i'm starting to regret watching it and i'm getting all sad because of the amount of episodes left, and how it's getting all somber then and there


Sakaki finally got to pet a cat, all she has to do now is own one and her story arc will come to a close...


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To new beginnings.


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she got the kitty!


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I've seriously enjoyed this show, and once it was over i was left a bit heartbroken. I figured i'd find what ever other azumanga related content out there to feel a bit better, i even went as far as to listen to the english dub.
They had made (in secret, then later released in several albums) two diffrent "character songs", One they played on yomi's radio, and the other was sung by sakaki during karioke night. They later made songs for diffrent characters, one "fun" song, and another more character psychology related, like sakaki's "The heart is a girl's parachute" is about her being all quiet, and her opening up and showing her true self. Sung by each perspective characters voice actors, (japan only) but the english dub went as far as to have a translated version of yomi's and sakaki's songs sung in english by their voice actors. Very cute. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCZ6ZpZMB-VV9jbJhQHmiS8IoMejO87XJ
The azumanga soundtrack has the full version of the opening and closing song. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Vf9Lvifxwk4
The music was fun and vibrant, the recorders where a nice touch. The sound affects really made a diffrence too. The english sub and dub are virtually the same, both have great voice actors, but the the dub has minor changes. They dont really explan the japanese in-jokes like the sub does, and instead of an english class, it's spanish, and french. Hell was changed to heck too, and the "OH MAI GAH" moment has osaka telling Father cat that he >"kinda looks like bill clinton"
The diffrent between the anime and manga is pretty interesting, around 2009 they added an extra 6 chapters (called Supplementary Lessons) that adds more content and explains things. The anime cut out some content and kept others, whislt srambling some stuff around, like some "third year" stuff happening around second and soforth. karoin also stays a lot longer and has a bigger role then the manga where she just leaves to a diffrent school never to return. Did anyon watch the thing at the end of each episode? It was a meta commentary by the characters talking about how the episode went, and giving a sneak peak of the next one. The first was the characters wondering about what "azumanga dioh meant, and the last was pretty sad. The characters realised that the show was about to end, and because of it, they'll die. The english teacher tells them not to worry and they'll live on in the hearts of viewers.
Azumanga originated as an OVA (its about chio recording everyone with a camera) then a six minute long "movie" about chio losing her ponytails.
If i had to choose a favorite character, it would be sakaki since she likes cats, and i like how quiet and reserved she is. Which characters are your favorite?

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