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What's your favorite sports anime or manga /a/? Eyeshield 21 here


>mfw never really watched an anime


never really watched a sports anime, so no idea what my favourite.


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Grander Musashi!!!!


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same here
im also a fatfag


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I'm proud of my superior taste.


eye shield manga was better in my opinion


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Hajime No Ippo wasn't shit


Ashita no Joe is dank



Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


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Gurazeni's pretty good


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Not really a fan of sports manga/anime, but Slam dunk was pretty good considering.


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ping pong the animation. it's far better than it sounds, trust me.


Well since racing is technically a sport. Would Initial D count?

I kind of am interested in this.


Tokyyu, it's about japan coastguards rescue team


Sports are gay. I will never watch sports anime.


I used to think that, but then I found out there's a bunch or really good anime about watersports.


Eyeshield 21 is my favorite, too


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Can someone recommend me a good golf anime? I haven't found anything...


Tankery aka Senshado.



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