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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,


i don't watch anime


I'm watching several. Let's say I'm watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventures part 5, though.
Pic unrelated, obviously


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Oh, yeah, I forgot I had problems uploading that picture. Let's see if it's all alright now


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Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. It's pretty silly.


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Gegege no Kitarou
Serial Experiments Lain


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Houseki no Kuni


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Currently watching Maria Holic. An anime about christian lesbian schoolgirls from 2009. I cant think of a better combination.


Ahh my favorite trap


cowboy bebop. It's great, each episode feels so full. I love the main character. I usually prefer when there's more development from episode to episode, and not episode=self contained story, but I like it anyway
I'm like a third in


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God is best girl


I'm rewatching Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it's one of my favorites


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Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Only 73 episodes in so far.


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watch Rozen Maiden.

I rewatched Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend. I guess Rozen Maiden Overture and Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen are next.

The whole Rozen Maiden series had a great soundtrack, but Träumend's ed is the best imo:
Here is the whole soundtrack of the first season


I am also watching LotGH right now, it's pretty great.


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Haibane Renmei. it's very atmospheric and it has good characters (and character development)

Idk, but for some reason, both Madoka Magica and Haibane Renmei remind me of Angel Beats a bit

the series and the movies were really good, and it had very good and interesting art style. [spoiler]Also, Homura was never a good girl[/spoiler]


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It was a great ride all the way through. I screwed up though not watching the 2 movies first. All that's left is the Gaiden if I decide to grab them.


Robotech. It was terrible


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I watched JJBA but made the very worse sin of skipping 2 parts and skipping alot of eps from Part 3 with Part 4 as I've not heard of a website that has them until now. So I'm going back to Part 1 and watch it completely.
I've also watch Azumanga Daioh fully, with Gundam Thunderbolt, and watched all of Lupin The III Season 5.
And now I'm thinking of watching Rozen Maiden now because I keep forgetting to watch anime.


I just read the bible, and i'm now gonna watch Neon Genesis Evangelion wish me luck! do you guys have any advice?


When you're done, tell us which was better


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This is an amen moment.


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Just finished the first series of kaiji. It's great if you love gambling, mind games, or [spoiler] never ending despair [/spoiler]


You know what they say, you gotta read the manga before you watch the anime

Hope i see jesus wearing a mech.

But seriously, the first three episodes where pretty lame. Episode four things start to get better! Better storytelling, and better animation. Really deep emotional story, so far, so good.


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I just finished Perfect Blue, it's the kind of movie that you decide to just check out and watch 10 or 15 minuts of it but end up sitting through it all with no care to anything else, it was truly an intense experience.


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Rewatching WataMote. It's hitting a lot closer to home than I remember. Kinda hurts tbh


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I recently just completed watching Welcome to The N.H.K. What a ride it was. It is an fairly accurate portrayal of a hikikomori lifestyle and the psychological dilemmas that come with it. The show would get quite dark at times which I was intrigued by just because the sheer fucked-up nature of what the MC, Sato deals with makes him relatable given how my life as it is isn't going all to well due to my own apathy. Though it doesn't turn into a bawww fest ripe with self-pity as there are some well placed comedic breaks that cause the characters to feel more believable than just ones that are made to make you feel better about yourself by being absolutely incompetent. I would recommend this as it is from 2006 so it has a nostalgic sense to it as well if you went on imageboards back then. Personally it made reflect on what the fuck I am doing with life, it does it's job well.


I loved nhk. Some things really hit me hard.
>Personally it made reflect on what the fuck I am doing with life, it does it's job well.
[spoiler]I would've preferred that the game they made had a more rewarding ending. I know it would've ruined the point if it took off but I would've been glad even with something small like finding out the guy who married senpai played it and liked it or something dumb like that[/spoiler]
Anyway I really rec it too


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I dont have the ability to watch anime, but i do have the time to read manga
currently reading Dragon head by Minetaro Mochizuki.


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Currently reading the desert punk manga
pretty damn cool
i thought it was gimmicky at first, but it evolved into something better
Did you know it was one of the books used that inspired the first two fallout games?
also, does anyone know any other survivalist related manga?


I don't watch anime because anime is fucking gay and or for pedos


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk.
>I need help


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I really hope we get a season 2


b8 spotted


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I binge-watched Overlord S1-S3.
First season was pretty good.
Second season was decent.
Third season was shit.


I now watch Grisaia no Kajitsu, bretty epic honestly.


Vinland Saga. The characters are all really compelling and I dig the period-accurate weapons and armor. If I could change one thing it would be to tone down the fights. A single sword swing can not chop someone in half vertically. But it's an anime so whatever.


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Oregairu S3 and 12 Kingdoms. After that I'll probably move on to some of the stuff in my backlog or rewatch something I haven't seen in years (Haruhi most likely).
Truly a masterpiece, though after I finished it I couldn't watch anything else for quite a while. Nothing seemed to come close to the narrative heights that LOGH had. Did you anons have a similar experience?


It was a cute series, in a way it was wholesome seeing tomoko making friends who like her for who she was as a person, and stuff like them coming to her for interesting manga recs


Black Clover

I really like it. I've not watched a good long-running shounen for at least 5 or 6+ years. I've really been sleeping on it but so far it's really good. I might even start reading the manga.


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I watched this anime called Flying Witch, only because I randomly stumbled upon the Wikipedia article for it so I thought "What the hell" and torrented it. It was nice, very cozy vibes.


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based durian

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