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Is there any reason why you still are attached to filthy 3D women, anon?
3D pigs:
>Will fuck Tyrone and his pals until age of 40 when she's "ready to settle down" after she's had all her holes gaped and mutilated
2D girls:
>Always beautiful
>Always caring
>Incredibly loyal
The only argument that 3D fans have is that you can't touch or talk to anime girls, however, being aware that none of you virgin faggots have talked to an actual woman, let alone had sex or even kissed one, I don't see why you are still so eager to defend the modern degeneracy imbued within 3D women.


But where does VR 2D girls go into this? They are 3D yet they have all the qualities of 2D.


3D women are only like that because you are a weak pussy faggot. like just fucking think about it, are you going to let a woman do what she wants, or are you going to make her do what you want? women dont know whats best for them, you do. therefore its literally all your fault that women act the way they do.


i agree with this thread


i agree with you agreeing with this thread


but seriously, i do agree with >>461 2D women may be nice, but its nothing but a flame in the wind. no substance.


2D girls best
But honesty, it's not going to get you anywhere unless you are sexually horny all the time. 3D girls are still real people, and yes, of course they will be that way, they go through events that cause them to be that way. I believe it's best if you go for 3D girls if you are willing to make a two pardner relationship work, if she can accept you, which can be a lot harder, but really, kindness always works, if you do have the strong feeling to want one.


Of course, that doesn't mean you treat them like goddess. Support or help them.


yup, its a give and take type of thing. steering eachother to the right path


Another advice is that it best to let them do whatever they want like talking to their friends or anything like that if it helps them, same thing to you, you don't want to limit them, so if you do trust them, it shows how much your relationship can work. If you once lived in a loving home, it best to see how your parents got together and stayed for a very long time, if you do have parents that way.


The parents thing doesn't mean you have to get kids, but still good to see how it works for that long for your family to better help you on where you can really get someone to get together or stay.


if you have a 3d waifu


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The debate becomes simpler if only images are involved.

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