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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas


I read "All you need is kill" recently and i highly reccomend it
Great story, and the tom cruise movie adaption was just as good


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As always, I enjoy Yotsuba&!
Cutest funniest child I've read. Story is normal, but still highly recommend it if you want to read about the "404" girl or just on a little story that is cute and funny imo.


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I just started reading, and this manga is VERY comfy, very relaxing.
That's what you get for stealing lol
(The server failed to handle your upload)
Huh, weird. did anyone get that before?


>she punched a goat
hey man, the goat deserved it
>(The server failed to handle your upload)
yeah, been having those too, twoot ought to fix it


Whats the size of the file you're trynna upload


it was a flash, like 3 MBs or something, most definitely it was under 10 MB.
also, the reply count on /f/ thats on the right side for some reason is capped at "5", even though the thread inside has more replies than that.


The original yotsuba picture of her punching the goat was around 155kB
I had to find the same picture but with a reduced size and then it worked.


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I can see why the Battle royale manga is a classic, and i do kinda like it, but they did make it a bit too UNNESSARLY edgy. I need to read the novel.
Oh, and i watched three episodes of serial experience lain and i LOVE IT
Its what i'm autistic about, best anime ever! (I'm watching lain with an old television set from the 90's, and this very nice hi-fi headset and i think that's the perfect way to watch it lol)


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Rozen Maiden


Is that “3 days of Happiness?”

I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed that


yeah, it is. very wholesome story


>all you need is kill
good manga, story's actually better then the movie. more, "deeper"?
i havent read the story in a long while but i still slightly remember it clearly. the protag really went to a dark place, and after the story's over, he has to kill his friend inorder to end the cycle. that never happened in the movie, it was one of those "the movies over and it was a bad dream" type of thing.


if you liked battle royale, and dragon head you might like Drifting Classroom, i'm not going to spoil the story, but it's like the lord of the flies novel by William Golding, but with huge twists and turns.


I've been meaning to watch Good Morning Althea recently but the only torrent of it in decent quality that I've managed to find is fucking dead. Anyone else seen this? Maybe I shouldn't bother at all?


Some manga I'm partial to that haven't been otherwise recomended to death are Dr. Slump, Giganto Makhia, Golden Kamuy, Psyche Matashitemo and Spirit Circle


is there a anime or manga with a philosophical theme like lain, or perhaps something cyberpunk?


The 1995 ghost in shell anime film maybe


Shid i forgot about this survival manga i read and i wanted to reccomend
51 Ways to Save Her
There's parts that sort of feel like a PSA but frankly i find those parts quite interesting. i have quite a soft spot for survival stories, perhaps it's because of colorful character's you wouldnt normally find near eachother working togeather?
dunno. also the lolita girl is quite cute.


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Hey anons, I have a request. Does anyone know any good horror or thriller anime/manga aside from Junji Ito? I want to get back into manga/anime and horror is my favorite genre, so I thought'd I'd read more of that. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. I'm also fine with mystery or other horror-related genres.


Yeah, i mentioned several in this thread, but one i havent really mentioned before is Corpse party, also Parasyte is pretty good although it feels more like an action adventure story at times.
Helter Skelter: Fashion Unfriendly
more of a body-horror story that's sort of an exposé of the fashion industry.


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Found an interesting manga. It's called Chi no Wadachi, by Oshimi Shuzo (his other works i also reccomend checking out) Not going to spoil the story, but it's about family, and subtle insanity. Nothing supernatural or too insane, quite realistic and honestly i think that makes it more spooky.


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I found this manga called Kimi Ni Aisarete Itakatta, the degeneracy of it is really interesting to experience throughout the chapters.


I discovered bunch of neat manga recently. The first one is called Nyankees. its a nice light hearted take on a classic delinquent action romp but with the main characters being cats adding some extra comedy if needed from the reminder. This i would reccomend if you enjoy a sort of deconstruction of delinquent action manga but want a bit more comedy and cats. 7/10

The second one is a wonderful wholesome manga about a cockroach that wants to make friends with humans, it kept me reading with the new situations and advancements that occurred whether this be via new characters or a changing dynamic it always managed to keep it fresh which is surprising as its a slice of life. over all nice and wholesome 8.5/10

and last but not least a nice action comedy story with kaiju no. 8 this one is more focused on the action side but still allows for some comedy to help brighten the mood every now and again. the monster designs in this are really nice and the surprise color pages are always a wonderful treat and are used sparingly enough that they make a nice impact when used.


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enjoyed azumanga. fun story with cute characters and a good sense of humor. wonder why ayumu had a southern accent lol? pic unrelated


You might like Ergo Proxy. It's a Cyberpunk anime by Dai Satō


I agree. Dispite being unfinished, It was quite lovely.


Thoughts on akira?
Read volume one and two and i was supprised bcause dispite being fast paced, it had decent characterization. I fealt sorry for tetsuo (even though he was a dick) because of his power being gained by accident. The military aspect was nice because dispite being scummy they still tried to be moral and it was an interesting contrast between the protagonist, Kaneda being an amoral jackass.

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