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I would like to watch anime with more direct translation. What I mean by this is, word for word, there exact meaning (or closest approximation). With the exact same sentence structure as it is in Japanese. I believe this may help capture the original meaning of the dialog while also helping those trying to learn Japanese.

Do anime like this already exist?
Do you think this would be a good idea?

tldr; I'd like to see a more direct translation over localization.


Hey, i've heard of this idea before
New American Standard bible. A word for word translation. That can work.


Of cource, i'm just saying that it can work, but i can't help you. I never learned japanese.


I do think it's a great idea. It can greatly improve the story of whatever anime/ manga. Stuff that gets seen and understood by the japs and flies over americans heads can be understood by both. Somtimes powerful words in japanese can be muddled down in regular english translations.


Learn Japanese, you lazy faggot.


That's the fucking point you dipshit


I don't think there's much of a point to this. A lot of Japanese grammar doesn't have a direct english equivalent, so a literal "word for word" translation would be much more difficult than e.g. translating from Spanish. So at best you'd be able to convey the subject-object-verb word order combined with some idioms.

But really, what's the point to doing this? If they can't even lex Japanese in the first place (and doing so is difficult without knowing the vocab) then knowing what it translates to isn't of much use. I think if you wanted to go down this route the best option would be doing romaji transcriptions, so they can at least learn how to break down the sounds. Then when they go on to properly study Japanese vocabulary later, they'll be able to make some associations.


What, do you want to create some Rosetta Stone type learning tool through gooktoons? That sounds fucking retarded. Get a textbook, you lazy shit.

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