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I found another index and this one was a gold mine.
The file archive of some university computer club with some files dating back to the late 80s! (Tell me what you find) While exploring, I found a folder titled "anime.stuff" ( https://ftp.sunet.se/mirror/archive/ftp.sunet.se/pub/tv+movies/anime-manga/anime.stuff/ ). It contains a PDF file. The front page says "Japanese Anime Comments & Reviews by Fans for Fans!". I want to read more but I couldn't find out how to view or extract these ".gz" files. Does any1 know about anime.stuff source. All I could find from a DuckDuckGo (or Goolag) search is "animestuffstore" which I doubt is what I'm looking for.


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>I couldn't find out how to view or extract these ".gz" files.
.gz (and tar.gz) files can be extracted with 7-zip https://www.7-zip.org

If 7-zip doesn't work, then you should try installing Cygwin https://cygwin.com/ Cygwin is a software package for Windows that emulates an Unix/Linux system.
When you install Cygwin, you have to select a mirror (just pick one, use kernel.org if in doubt) and (at least) select gzip/gunzip when the installer asks which packages to install. Once the installation is complete, you have to open cygwin terminal and navigate to the folder containing the .gz file (use cd to change directory and ls to list its contents. pwd tells where you are currently. If you need more help, check out this site -> https://linuxjourney.com ) Note that you can just copypasta the file into the folder where the Cygwin is installed (there should be a folder called "home" that contains a folder that has same name as your username)
Once you have found the .gz file, you can use gunzip to unzip it. For further info, see https://linux.die.net/man/1/gunzip


No I can extract tar.gz files just fine but it doesn't except these. Also I use GNU+Linux I don't need Cygwinrar


did you try gunzip? does the "file" utility say that it is a gzip (or anything at all)?


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I was able to open the files with Bandizip on Windows 10. The files had no extension, but renaming them to .txt revealed they're plaintext files. I've extracted all the articles in that directory and compiled them here: https://files.catbox.moe/a0guk0.7z


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This is a neat find. Thanks. As far as anime indexes go, I found http://www.analogdistortion.com/images/anime/?C=S;O=A a while ago. It has a lot of lain stuff.


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There's also eva and other assorted stuff. Most of the files date back to 2006 btw, so it's not ancient history like your find but still pretty old.


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Found some old convention pictures in there and it got me thinking. This telnet MUD group met up 25 years ago. That's longer than most anons here have probably been alive. If they were all in their early 20s back then, they'd be almost 50 now. What will our lives look like in another 25 years? Will our online friendships last just as long?


I hope so


They don't make nerds like they used to.


Ah, yes. ancient 4channers.
Nowadays people are "ironic" nerds. How tragic


Bitch, what do you mean "4channers?" This is from '94.


4cuck was founded in 1984, everyone knows that, ive been using fourchannel since 1989, i remember talking to anons about the collapse of the soviet union on /b/ while spamming images of cirno


I like the fact they all have nicknames. "Dr. Stingray" how edgy.
I shall be nicknamed "the plauge doctor" and no one will question me or my life decisions. STAND BACK YOU DEGENERATE SCUM!
Thanks lolico for finding the anime index, Definitely a great find. Its like looking through a time capsule.


Yeah, i'm retarded. 4chan was created around 2003 not 1994


newfag, I've been running the 'channels since '62. I remember spamming footage of Kennedy's assassination on 0.3chan to scare off the hippies. Good times.

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