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Post your favorite animu girl


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>Best Girl Thread
The girl, the legend


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Sora Kasugano is and forever will be best girl.


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You guys are crazy, we all know solaire is best girl/waifu/sun praiser/bed partner/maybe even best anime character to exist!


O fuk


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Fine, solaire and Speedwagon is best girl/waifu.


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Rin Natsume


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I want her to bulli me.


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You can keep her. I like the blue haired one (she's my wife by the way).


Rem definitely is the better of the two.


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Hands down
Its twoot


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she's autistic as hell, then again, i probably am too, Violet surely is the best waifu of this thread


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You see this? You see this beauty? This is the perfect waifu.
And please, don't mistake me for your average person who watched 2 episodes of UBW and decided that if the thighs are good and she would abuse you it's good enough for them. I look beyond such things. Who she is, the reasons she acts the way she acts. Her determination to do what she believes needs to be done, while not forgetting about the people she cares about in the process. Her caring nature. These are the type of things I see when I look at this absolute masterful creation. For me, she's not just some character you remember when your pathetic life decisions lead you to search who to watch hentai of today. For me she's someone I can devote my life to, and while I may appreciate the perfection of her body like other, less loving people do, I make sure to never forget the personality behind that ho-so-fine body.
I still remembered the day I finished UBW. that day I realized the miracle that is Rin Tohsaka, and people laughed. They said "wait till you read Heaven's Feel, your waifu will change". I laughted at them, but because they thought my heart will be so easily swayed by some pink baby (what even is that color?), but beacuse of the gross underestimation of my love for Rin Tohsaka. She was not merely some "waifu", but a partner for live, the subject of my eternal love, what you could call wife. And behold, I did read Heaven's Feel, and not only did my love for tohsaka not wavered once, but, in fact, increased to amount I did not know I was capable of before this point.
If you agree let's talk about this masterpiece of character creation, but please, if you're one of those people I talked about, don't bother, I don't want my day to be ruined by someone like you.

Actually I just finished F/SN visual novel and I had to talk about it. Took the opportunity to share my love for this character and try to write some shit for fun.


It's just a girl, bro, they're fucken' everywhere
And they're annoying as all tits


Sounds like someone has never experienced being either in an all-male school/workspace or being in a mixed environment. Sure girls have their annoying things but being in a sausage party for like 2/3 months is boring and very same-y, and I'll take a little annoyance over staleness.

Also that paragraph was a joke


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I'll be honest: I actually take waifu-ism seriously.
My waifu is Sayaka Miki. I feel legitimate love toward her. I often fantasize we're together. God, what I would give to have her next to me...
I find her the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's idealistic, kind, and kinda brash which I like.

I wanna be with her for the rest of my life.

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