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I'm pissed he shouldn't have died I'm not going to finish the series because of this.


I didn't really enjoy death note, so I didn't have any emotional attachment to L.
Akame ga kill usually hit right in the feels with character deaths, so i recommend watching that.


>Akame ga Kill
>I recommend watching that
Listen to this guy.


Death Note should've ended there. What's even worse than [spoiler]the show not ending when L dies is that Light got killed by one of L's successors, which cheapened L's death and made him seem replaceable.[/spoiler]
Yeah, that show sucked.


[spoiler]L's death was my first anime death, and it hit me pretty hard[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Wasn't the point that mello and near were "weaker" than light and L on their own but together they were "stronger"?
However it does piss me of that the character that survives is my least favorite one (of the geniuses)


Its not the end of the world but the series was way worse after that point


I liked all of Death Note. I don't understand why people hate on the second half.

[spoiler]Near never would have captured Light without the mountains of info L gathered on him. L assists him and Mello from beyond the grave in capturing Light. L set the whole thing up for them to continue. Why do you think Ls visage stands over Light as he dies? It's not that L was a bad detective, it's that Light was a cunning and ruthless opponent and that's ultimately why he beat L. Light cut corners L wasn't willing to.[/spoiler]


that's what I did, the show goes downhill spectacularly from this point

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