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We just started watching it on /mmc/. Seems pretty fun so far


they look so goddamn like the same person


As of now, Miracle Girls doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I like it. For me, Miracle Girls feels comfortable and is not so serious. That is refreshing to see. The ESP range reminds me of a wifi connection or cell phone data. The range is a bit random but, it is funny to me. The terrorist in episode 2 was a bit of a pushover. The girl falling and being caught by a panicking guy felt unrealistic. Overall though, I am looking forward to seeing more episodes.


Miracle Girl continued what I liked about the first two episodes in episodes 3 and 4. The significance of the flower in the episode was interesting. I still don't get why they want to go to England. Episode 4 was mainly focused on how they wanted to go shopping for clothes. Although I understand the desire for wanting to buy new clothes, I don't buy them often since you have to commit to wearing the clothes and they can be expensive. The crowds of girls fighting over clothes also seem like it would be torturous to live through.

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