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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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*How did you find the story touching?


You'd have to read it to understand. The character isn't exactly sympathetic –she's mean, manipulative, and egocentric. I think I felt identified with the pain she goes through while trying to cope with the idea that she's not only replaceable, but that she's becoming obsolete. She's not a young, exotic beauty anymore; there's hundreds of women ready to take her place. She's going to become ugly soon, and she's loosing grip on reality because of it. I don't make any money with my looks, but I do understand the pain of not being gifted anymore, losing your novelty as you become old; whatever you can do, is only impressive when you're a child, and only few talents can stay relevant as adults. I can't say much more without spoiling.


Found a neat manga that i plan on reading
Roman history shit, Hopfully there isn't degenerate shit in it, even so it still will probably be a fun read.

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I like diapers. They're comfy and easy to wear


Planetes seems to be a good show based on the first two episodes. The main female character made an awkward entrance for the cameras. The main male character stepped into the story in adult diapers and explicit magazines. Hoseno strikes me as being slightly more serious than Kanta from Desert Punk. Hoseno actually has some well-defined goals. As of the first episode, Hoseno wanted to make as much money as possible while having the easiest existence possible. Tanabe got on Hoseno's last nerve in the first episode due to her inexperience. As of episode 2, Hoseno started to warm up to Tanabe. From the looks of it, Hoseno remembered his beginnings. Episode 2 humanized Hoseno.


Planetes is getting better, in my opinion, episodes 3 and 4. Episode 3 was dark because they were already talking about their final wills. A lot of people disliked her in this episode because she was emotional. They didn't like how she treated Hoshino or how she kidnapped his body. Tanabe's actions didn't bother me due to the episode's resolution. Episode 4 was excellent. A rich person was on board for this episode and he was the epitome of a spoiled brat. While he was tolerable at the beginning of the episode, he became increasingly intolerable as the episode wore on. That was hard to watch as the rich kid chucked everything at the crew. It was painful to watch the older men in the crew suck up to this kid. I liked how the crew at the end of the episode stood up for themselves.


There were a lot of developments in Planetes Episode 15. I enjoyed watching Hachimaki and Tanabe date. The diaper man is on his way up. Maybe he will get his ship soon. It was unexpected to see Edel have any character development because her voice is monotonous. It was intriguing to see Edel's lore. I just don't understand her outfit when confronting her ex. In episode 16, Hachimaki had issues being healthy enough to be in space. It wasn't as noteworthy but, it was great he pulled through.

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We just started watching it on /mmc/. Seems pretty fun so far
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As of now, Miracle Girls doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I like it. For me, Miracle Girls feels comfortable and is not so serious. That is refreshing to see. The ESP range reminds me of a wifi connection or cell phone data. The range is a bit random but, it is funny to me. The terrorist in episode 2 was a bit of a pushover. The girl falling and being caught by a panicking guy felt unrealistic. Overall though, I am looking forward to seeing more episodes.


Miracle Girl continued what I liked about the first two episodes in episodes 3 and 4. The significance of the flower in the episode was interesting. I still don't get why they want to go to England. Episode 4 was mainly focused on how they wanted to go shopping for clothes. Although I understand the desire for wanting to buy new clothes, I don't buy them often since you have to commit to wearing the clothes and they can be expensive. The crowds of girls fighting over clothes also seem like it would be torturous to live through.


Yesterday's Miracle Girls episodes (15 and 16) centered around one of the girls running. Instead of being in the science club, one of the girls took up running. This did not end up well. In episode 15, the club fair was ruined by the girls running and, in episode 16, her shoes were evil. The girl couldn't stop running. It was a bit amusing, and I had fun watching it.

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Have you seen this man?
As in the title, this thread is for the '90s super robot iteration of Gundam.
My opinion after catching some of it with /mmc/ is that its cartoony approach, despite being a departure from the tradition of the franchise, is very amusing and succeeds in not allowing itself to be tied down by its lineage. I understand it to be a controversial entry among people who prefer Gundam as a real robot franchise, but I have enjoyed what I've seen.
Please, share your thoughts.
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episode 15 made my brain hurt
theres so much random stuff happening
im not sure the shuffle alliance makes sense
why didnt master asia get hurt?

Why was neo germany there in the first place? Schwarz Bruder (black brother?) Maybe a racer X type of guy? why would he care about master asia?
I love how grotesque the devil gundam looks
You know,
I kinda would have liked to learn more about domons brother, maybe some pre-gundam fighter stuff of him talking or just doing whatever would have been nice, Given the devil gundam transformation thing emotional baggage for the viewer.


TLDR domon realises he's a retard and his powers come from the heart and not his anger, also he seriously needed to team up with the other shuffle alliance to defeat the dark gundam.


>For the U.S. release, many Gundam names were changed. Three of them (God Gundam to Burning Gundam, Devil Gundam to Dark Gundam, and Gundam Heaven's Sword to Raven Gundam) for religious reasons, following the backlash of Wal-Mart refusing to sell the Gundam Deathscythe Hell from Gundam Wing. Tequila Gundam was changed to Spike Gundam to remove the alcohol reference. The rest of the Gundams received name changes for unspecified reasons (some were supposedly made to sound more appealing to younger audiences, while others were just too difficult for children to understand).
Fucking walmart lol

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science can't explain it
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osaka tried to throw chiyo of of the dock, and there was the one scene of osaka carrying a knife. clearly they had no choice but to kill her in self defence. osaka is up to no good.


>osaka tried to throw chiyo of of the dock
This post is Tomo propoganda



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What anime are you watching
Laid-Back camp,
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lol fucking what there's a dragon quest anime? how is it so far?


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first quads of /a/


It is decent. I am only three episodes in and the setting is still being developed. There are three Dragon Quest movies and two more Dragon Quest animes. However, Dai is still better than much newer anime I've seen. This is still airing by the way.

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ok, where is she?




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Rozen Maiden thread for shitposting and discussing episodes alongside /mmc/ desu
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pic related


i like the voice actor that they have that makes cat noises, its terrible acting but i love it
Also, Ouvertüre was masterfully crafted, i understand everything now and i kinda agree with Suigintou after learnin how and why she became a psycho.


Can someone explain why this anime died?

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Cute thread!
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>tomoko isn't real
i have the sadness


she's real in my heart


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zaku, more like zakute

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Heyhey /a/, did you enjoy Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo?
What are your opinions on the books/film/other works?
The manga was recommended to me several years ago and I couldn't take my eyes off. I was fascinated by the unique dystopian setting, great drawing style, the rebelling characters and their relationships. Oh my and the motorcycles!
The movie was a masterpiece too, greatly detailed animation. Maybe I should rewatch it in the next time. They announced an anime series in 2019, so let's hope for the best.


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I love the movie. It's great and has aged like fine wine. I love how well animated it is. Another thing I love is how little of the story is explained, you're left to figure most of it out by yourself which adds a lot of integrity to the work. The music is great as well.
Fun fact: The movie consists of 2,212 shots and 160,000 single pictures, 2-3 times more than usual, using 327 different colors (another record in animation film), 50 of which were exclusively created for the film.


i like how open the story is with morality, the main character isn't exactly the best person in the world and the antagonist isn't exactly evil.


The movie is a tad bit overrated but, everyone should watch it.

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Thread for discussing the show alongside the /mmc/. If you've watched it already, feel free to drop by anyway!
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What the hell happened to char's zaku? It was in two episodes then it just dissapeared and he was given a z'gok and a gellgoog
Wonder if it got destroyed, re-purposed, or just given a fresh spray of paint and just given to a foot soldier.


Besides wild animals i dont ever recall seeing people own pets.


Visually this looks great. I am not too far into Gundam so I am unsure how good this will be.

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Is anyone watching Mob Psycho S2? It's wholesome as fuck
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Just finished it. Pretty good. I like the Body Improvement Club.


The Reigen's daily life episode was so depressing.


I thought that was James Sunderland at first.

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Discussion thread on Katanagatari (Sword Story) that we started watching today on the /mmc/


Katanagatari has a pretty unique concept and design to it. A person who fights like a swordsman without a sword is definitely something I have never seen. The episode flowed pretty well for a 40 min show too.

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Subject related, Which do you like better? Have you noticed any noticable diffrences?
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I noticed something interesting with blue gender. Both sub and dub (not the adult swim dub mind you) are the same, but there are parts that don't match up
I'll give a non-spoiler explanation then i'll post a spoilered one to be more precise. They cut out some audio for no real reason whatsoever, and the title card with the main theme is diffrent some how. I'm guessing they screwed with the main theme/title card to match up with the english vocals? The other thing i'm not so sure why it was cut out. [spoiler]There is a scene with marline, who is dreaming. She is swimming and she hear's yuji calling for her. In the english dub this is cut out for some reason.[/spoiler] Another thing i found interesting about blue gender is that both the opening and closing theme for the dub are sung in english which is honestly fun.


In azumanga, there's several moments where if you watched the dub only, you'll miss out in some of the jokes that are told due to it not being able to be translated to english like >>922 And there's some added american localization that was thrown in to boot which is kinda funny, but also somewhat gay overall.


Personally, i just feel like there's always a time and place for anything. I usually try to research an anime beforehand to see what works and if i'll get the 'full anime experience" if that makes sense. Sometimes dubs can be good, sometimes it takes away enjoyment and the same goes with subs. localizations are gay 100% of the time tho, (this is difficult for me to explain) Hearing that a red bean roll is a jelly doughnut takes away the immersion of being in "alien land".

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A thread for discussing the mecha v giant alien space bugs show, Blue Gender, which has just about been wrapped up on the /mmc/.
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That was a ride, and a good one to be exact. A really great anime to say the least and i'm glad i watched it. I honestly thought i'd be pissed off by the ending but i'm not really mad at anything. From episode 19 to the last i finally finished it. If someone sees this thread and they feel like they missed out, they have nothing to worry about and they should start wat hing.
[spoiler]i feel sorry for the people that died on second earth, would've been nice if they escaped. why the hell didm't anyone leave in the first place? i think thats really the only thing i'm really curious about[/spoiler]


The armor shrike was pretty neat and it was interesting how they became more powerful over time. At first they where no more then paper dolls getting torn up by the blue. The blue was also potrayed as invincible which really ramped up the desperation and horror. The "open" design of the mech suits and the overall look actually seems more realistic then how they are usually potrayed in other shows.


I realised that this story has similarities to "The Earth-Brain" by Edmond Hamilton
Both the "Grand Will of the Earth" and "The Earth-Brain" are these multi color "things" that cant be comprehended and and are found deep within a mountain, and causes the humans to hallucinate nature related stuff
Both kill off all people who went scouting to find it besides one guy who lives to tell the tale. Both are basically earth's will and both hate humanity and tried to purge them via natural disasters and shit
That's kinda where both stories splits off

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