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When you've seen all the classics, it's hard to find anything else that really feels worthwhile. I find myself watching mediocre anime more often than not, and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. That's why I've made this thread. We can share anime that we consider obscure enough to be overlooked easily, yet good enough that you'd be glad not to miss it. Note that these don't have to be totally out of the way, nor do they have to be complete masterpieces; just anything you think more people could stand to watch. I'll do a few write-ups to start us off:
>Aria the Animation
Fairly popular in some circles, but it doesn't seem to get talked about much. It's a very genuine portrayal of a beautiful, perfect world that makes me happy whenever I watch it. It's at least as good as K-On, so check it out if you liked that series.
Action with light science fiction and elements of mafia drama. The pacing is surprisingly subdued considering how absurd the fight scenes can get. The story takes place over many years and uses this to develop the characters impressively well towards a compelling conclusion. Not for people who want to take the whole thing seriously, but good if you think Shadow the Hedgehog was pretty cool.
Directed by Tomino in between Gundam and Zeta Gundam, among other things (making it not all that obscure, really). It's a mecha series, as one might expect, but it's more comedic than most of what Tomino is known for. His knack for character design shines here.

I might do more of these later, but that should do for the moment. Let me know if these aren't obscure enough, and of course, leave your own recommendations if you please.
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>Key the Metal Idol
Studio Pierrot used to be good. This OVA series is often considered a precursor to Serial Experiments Lain. It's quite melodramatic, but this can work to its advantage. The animation is at times superb and never dips below a remarkable standard of quality.


Help me out here, or I'll run out of good ones. I want to hear everyone's obscure favorites.
Anyway, I'd sooner recommend relatively mainstream stuff then point you to a bad anime, so here are two more:
>The Big O
Aired on Adult Swim, with the second season funded by Cartoon Network. Episodic mecha action with increasingly prominent mystery undertones. The style is fantastic, and so is the soundtrack.
>Dirty Pair: Project Eden
OVA based on the well known TV anime, itself borne from a light novel series. Not deep or intellectual, but it's an extraordinary showing of what could be done with the combination of budget and talent available in the 80s. Lots of fun if you're in the right mindset.


Okay, these are pretty much the last two I've got unless I want to start recommending stuff everyone already knows. Neither of these are very obscure as it is, but check them out if you haven't:
>Dead Leaves
Directorial debut of Hiroyuki Imaishi, known for Gurren Lagann. It's a movie-length OVA with an emphasis on its unique visual style. Amusingly crass and vaguely counterculture.
In its original run in 2010, the gimmick of this series was that it released one episode per month, giving it a seasonal theme. The art and character design are both fresh, although the action can be somewhat generic. Follows a nice, self-contained arc.
Anyway, I'm nearly out of options here, so please leave some of your own picks. If I see any that are new to me, I'll post them here, but this thread will probably slow down otherwise.

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Sup Kaiji bros


i dont know who this big nose piss drinker is but he looks dumb and gay


FKMT soldiers already making a shonenshit cope....


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Post your favorite animu girl
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I'll be honest: I actually take waifu-ism seriously.
My waifu is Sayaka Miki. I feel legitimate love toward her. I often fantasize we're together. God, what I would give to have her next to me...
I find her the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She's idealistic, kind, and kinda brash which I like.

I wanna be with her for the rest of my life.


I'm a simple man


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Forgot the pic

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Anime wallpaper thread
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lol she lain out on the floor


no she wont because she has a nice sweater


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Think of this as a book club
It can be for anime/manga new or oldfags
Stuff you read or watched recently or in the past
I posted these on livechan, but i figured i might as well post them here!
Both of these where stories made by anons on 2channel, then was adapted word for word into mangas
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Found an interesting manga. It's called Chi no Wadachi, by Oshimi Shuzo (his other works i also reccomend checking out) Not going to spoil the story, but it's about family, and subtle insanity. Nothing supernatural or too insane, quite realistic and honestly i think that makes it more spooky.


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I found this manga called Kimi Ni Aisarete Itakatta, the degeneracy of it is really interesting to experience throughout the chapters.


I discovered bunch of neat manga recently. The first one is called Nyankees. its a nice light hearted take on a classic delinquent action romp but with the main characters being cats adding some extra comedy if needed from the reminder. This i would reccomend if you enjoy a sort of deconstruction of delinquent action manga but want a bit more comedy and cats. 7/10

The second one is a wonderful wholesome manga about a cockroach that wants to make friends with humans, it kept me reading with the new situations and advancements that occurred whether this be via new characters or a changing dynamic it always managed to keep it fresh which is surprising as its a slice of life. over all nice and wholesome 8.5/10

and last but not least a nice action comedy story with kaiju no. 8 this one is more focused on the action side but still allows for some comedy to help brighten the mood every now and again. the monster designs in this are really nice and the surprise color pages are always a wonderful treat and are used sparingly enough that they make a nice impact when used.

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Nichijou thread
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I love wood cubes


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Wood cubes you say? You're welcome.

Sincerely, the CGI guy.


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Mio always best girl.
Whoever disagrees can suck a nigger's dick.

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yo that's gay

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This series is overrated trash
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>This series is [HEADCANON]
Kill yourself autistic retard




its incredible how the first thread on /a/ can still be based

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because for whatever reason there isn't one up. It's time to settle the fact that 22chan is an Asukafag website.
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She was a bit rude though. At least she did know how to fight.


Shinji deserved everything she ever did or said to him


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Cute thread!
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>tomoko isn't real
i have the sadness


she's real in my heart

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So for all that keep in touch with virtual youtubers, what is the status of Mira Akari? Is she still popular? I met her twice a few years back and she seems like a nice young girl. Seemed full of life but quirky at times. Just wonder how she has been since it's been awhile. Hope she is doing alright still. TIA!


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Why was this moved to anime and manga? This isn't an anime or manga.


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Almost all vtubers use anime-style avatars and you also posted one such example. And to any new people, who are not familiar with the subject, it also seems like anime-related stuff. In any case, I'd encourage you to broaden the topic and throughout this thread focus more on vtubers in general, not just one character, in order to give this thread a longer lifespan.


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That is fine with me. I don't mind if it goes off topic. Just wanted to know what is up with Mirai that's all, but feel free to talk about whatever. I don't really know anything about youtubers since ive never really watched them. Only read fanfiction, doujinshi and played around with MMD models of them. Just wondering if she is ok, it being the holidays and all.

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What's your favorite sports anime or manga /a/? Eyeshield 21 here
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Can someone recommend me a good golf anime? I haven't found anything...


Tankery aka Senshado.



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Gib me your lolis
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Because of peer pressure.


Peer pressure's a bitch, I've made a lot of mistakes because of that.


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The first episode just came out. Thoughts? I think it's promising. Starting to feel the hype. The animation quality hasn't dropped as much as I thought it would, what with the change in studios.


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It's more "smooth" I think


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There's definitely effort being made in the animation and it doesn't stop me from enjoying it. People are overreacting in it "looking like garbage", but let's be real. The show looks better than what you usually see seasonly.

On another note, that effect on the metal for Genos and G4 does look really odd. Never seen something like that.


OPM@ aka Garou show.


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All Transformations of the Sailor Guardians:



I was actually planning on watching everything named salor moon cause a friend highly recommends it, but the series is just too big. You got any cheat sheet or guides?


Just chip away at it at your own pace.

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